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As a copywriter, I help organizations educate and inform, build trust, tell brand stories, and persuade audiences to take action. Working independently and collaboratively, I team up with art directors and graphic designers to brainstorm and develop creative concepts—and then craft the words that bring these ideas to life.

Whether I'm writing SEO copy or editing a brochure, I specialize in translating complex ideas into simple language that engages people on a human level. Along the way, I incorporate feedback to revise copy drafts and proofread everything for grammar, punctuation, and style consistency.

• Weekly web content updates for uhc.tv, including SEO copy, meta descriptions, curated video playlists, news stories

• Website and microsite copy for MatrixCare, Thomson Reuters, BeASmartPatient.com, Ecolab, 3Wire, Carlson School of Management, Medica Solo, 3M Nexcare, ECMC, Marketing Architects, Bolger, Seasons Home Watch

• Banner ads for UnitedHealthcare, West LegalEdcenter, Federal Publications Seminars, WomansDay.com, DoctorOz.com, myUHC.com

• Content modules for UnitedHealthcare on ShareCare.com

• Google ads for West LegalEdcenter

• SEO short descriptions for the Thomson Reuters online store

• Creative concepts and video scripts for a 3M Post-it Notes YouTube contest

• Voiceover scripts for a video tutorial (3Wire) and sales tutorials (Ecolab)

• Blog posts for YourFranchiseLawyer.com

• Brochures and sell sheets for UnitedHealthcare, Carlson School of Management, Encompass Interiors, ECMC, Thomson Reuters

• B2C materials for UnitedHealthcare, Source4Women, OptumHealth, Ceridian LifeWorks, Seasons Home Watch

• B2B brochures and collateral for UnitedHealthcare, MatrixCare, Thomson Reuters, FindLaw, Federal Publications Seminars

• Full-spread ads in Woman's Day for UnitedHealthcare

• B2C and B2B brochures, ads, and product sheets for 3M Library Systems and 3M Security Systems

• B2B case study for KONE Corporation

• Feature articles for Encompass Interiors

• Brand building for Ceridian LifeWorks, CFG, Catchfire

• Company/program names for Method 44, Foreword (Loft Literary Center), Secure Horizons, Remmele Engineering, Novu (UnitedHealthcare)

• Taglines for 3M, Cirrus, Capital City Partnership

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