LifeWorks provides a range of benefit programs that help companies hire and retain happier, more productive employees. Products include employee assistance programs (EAPs), work-life balance services (LifeBalance), and more.

Redefine the Brand

I was part of a team that partnered with LifeWorks on a comprehensive branding project. The work we did laid the groundwork for a marketing campaign that educated consumers and told a compelling story.

During the discovery phase, we interviewed employees, vendors, and customers. Our goal was to gather detailed information about how key stakeholders felt about LifeWorks.

The branding process involved several steps:

  1. Determine the brand features, benefits, and attributes.
  2. Define the brand personality and core values.
  3. Create a brand positioning statement.

New Brand Position

The new LifeWorks brand position guided the team as we developed the Everybody, Every Day campaign. Materials featured original photography and simple language that built awareness and encouraged use of LifeWorks services.

  • Project: Branding
  • Role: Copywriter
  • Agency: Bolger
  • Client: Ceridian LifeWorks